ü  Visitors’ dogs are not allowed in the camping.

ü  All the dogs must be brought out of the camping for their needs.

ü  All the dogs must be always kept on leash and it is forbidden to leave them unattended in places or Mobilehomes.

With reference to seasonal contracts:

1.    The possession of a dog will have to be declared and entered at the reception.

2.    Customers must be responsible for their dogs.

3.    All the dogs – of seasonal customers and not – will not have to be taller than 40cm.

4.    The permission to entering depends on the management, which can ban those customers who should not  respect the camping rules.

5.    Customers who do not respect this regulation will be subject to formal warning to THIRD OF WHICH, THE DOG WILL BE EXPELLED.


The use of the swimming-pool is free for all the camping guests, and for a better functioning, the following rules must be respected:


2.    Compulsory shower before entering the swimming-pool.

3.    It is forbidden to bring into the swimming-pool area: dogs, balls (of every kind), air beds, flippers, masks, food, drinks, whichever kind of glass objects.

4.    It is forbidden to dive in dangerous ways and/or running.

5.    Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

6.    Compulsory use of slipper in synthetic material.

7.    Compulsory use of bathing suit/napkin for children under 3 years old.


Always follow the lifeguard’s directions, who can ban all those people who should not respect the above-mentioned rules.

The management can close the swimming-pool in case of bad weather or of situation which could be considered dangerous for the bathers’ health or safety or in case of special maintenance of the pools.

The management will ban from the campsite all the people who are inside the swimming-pool’s area out

of the opening hours.


1.    All the visitors must give a document at their arrival.

2.     Visitors after 10 p.m. are forbidden.

3.    The management has the right to forbid the visitors’ entering if the clients reach a high number of visitors.

       Please, do not host more than one family per day.

4.    Customers are responsible for their own guests, which must respect the camping rules.

5.    All the visitors who have their meal at the restaurant do not pay, if they stay less than 2 hours.

6.    These people must leave a document at the reception when entering, and they also must show

7.    the restaurant’s receipt when they take back their documents.

8.    Visitors’ dogs are never allowed.

9.     Overnight guest: if you stay later than 10:00 am, the following morning will be charged an additional day.