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1- Customers and Visitors need to be legally registered to enter the campsite.


2- The requested rates shown at our Reception are valid from the time of arrival until 10:00 a.m of the following day.


3- Customers need the authorisation of the Staff before occupying and using any space.


4- Cars must be parked in the spaces indicated by the Staff.


5- Customers are requested to be QUIET from 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m and from 11:00 p.m to midnight. The sound of radio and tv havs to be low. Silence is compulsory from midnight to 7:00 a.m.


6- Customers are responsible for their own belongings. The Direction declines any responsibility for theft or damage.


7- The speed limit in the whole area is 5 Km/h.


8- It is forbidden to damage the vegetation. The rules of cleaning and tidiness must be observed in the whole area.


9- Dogs must be kept on a leash and eventually wear a muzzle. A veterinary certification is asked at the check-in. Owners are responsible for any damage. Only one dog is allowed per accommodation unit and pitch.


10- Requested rules for the use of electric devices to the campsite system: plug with C.E.I. 64/8 specifications; hose type H07 RN-FO equivalent with minimum section of 2,5 x 3.


11- The Direction has the right to move away any guest or visitor who behaves improperly.


12- Customers are responsible for any risk and danger while enjoying the activities proposed by the camping site.


✓  Visitors’ dogs are not allowed in the camping.


✓  All the dogs must be brought out of the camping for their needs.


✓  All the dogs must be always kept on leash and it is forbidden to leave them unattended in places or Mobilehomes.


With reference to seasonal contracts:


1.    The possession of a dog will have to be declared and entered at the reception.Only one dog is allowed per accommodation unit and pitch


2.    Customers must be responsible for their dogs.


3.    All the dogs – of seasonal customers and not – will not have to be taller than 40cm.


4.    The permission to entering depends on the management, which can ban those customers who should not  respect the camping rules.


5.    Customers who do not respect this regulation will be subject to formal warning to THIRD OF WHICH, THE DOG WILL BE EXPELLED.

6.Dogs are not allowed in mobile homes Deluxe.


Swimminpool opening dates: from 25.04.24 to 22.09.24. 

The access to the swimming pool is free for all the camping’s guests ONLY during the opening hours The following rules are compulsory:

✓ wear a swimming cap

✓ wear a pair of slippers in synthetic material

✓ children under 3 years old must wear a bathing suit or a diaper

✓ take a shower before swimming

✓ food, drinks, any water game and air beds, flippers, masks, glass objects and dogs are forbidden

✓Children under 12 years old have to be accompanied

✓Respect the lifeguard’s directions

✓The Direction can close the access to the swimming pool in case of bad weather’s conditions, maintenance or any risky situation for the Customer’s safe and health